Class news re Monday classes

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Sensory learning

On 13th May we are starting the class split to focus on specific learning by age group. It’s been lovely having mixed classes up until now but as an educator I know your child need to progress and have specific learning objectives.

Every Monday: starting the 13th May 2013

We will have an earlier class for babies and non walkers 0-2 years at 9.30am at St Hildas, Crofton Park finishing at 10.15

The class for the older children two and overs will be at 10.30 St Hildas finishing at 11.15

Lesson overview of the baby class


Why are you splitting the classes now?

It’s always been an intention as we get busier to develop programmes suitable for the age groups. It makes classes more enjoyable and specific and enables your child to learn more Spanish.

What if my child is ready to be in the older class?

If your child is particularly active they may suit the older class. Drop me an email

I have two children of three and one, which class do I attend?

If you have siblings please choose the class for the eldest sibling and bring them both along

Do I need to book on?

You may drop in though it is advisable to block book a term of lessons in terms of developing habits and learning a language consistent attendance is advisable. You may choose to drop in but I still need to know if you are coming so I can cater for your child. I will be looking at our attendance policy in the near future.


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