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Myths in bilingualism, raising our kids to speak another language

Myths in raising bilingual kids 1. A non native parent can’t raise a bilingual in another language to her native one 2. Just using CDs and foreign language tv will raise a bilingual child. 3. Bilingualism will make my child slower and not everyone can be bilingual 4. The child will be confused and should … Continue reading

being non native speaker / Bilingualism / Blog / Family learning / Language learning / learning / monolinguals / spanish / Toddlers

My family journey into Spanish so far..

As every parent knows we sometimes have the best of intentions but they are not always met with total enthusiasm. Wednesdays are spanish days in our house. I try to limit English and the kids go to various Spanish groups or have a tutor. This week I tried to get my eldest to attend a … Continue reading

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How do I nurture my children’s Spanish?

As a language teacher, I am obsessed about my pupils and my children’s spanish learning. Last summer we spent three weeks in Spain and I can truly see the benefits even now. I’m hoping to repeat this language journey next summer and maybe enrol the eldest into a week long language camp to boost his … Continue reading

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Halloween in se23

Come along on Monday for our last Biling├╝ebabies session prior to maternity leave. Our Halloween fiesta. Don’t forget to dress up and hopefully we will take pictures. Hoping to blog whilst I’m off about various things related to culture, languages and bilingualism Babies 0930 and toddlers 1030 at St Hilda’s church, Brockley Road. Have you … Continue reading