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Letter to my unborn child

Dear Beloved,
I am writing to tell you how much I am looking forward to meeting you and to inform you that I intend to raise you Bilingually in the hope one day you will be grateful at having two languages that you can converse in, and carry out writing, reading and listening skills. Two wonderful cultures to immerse yourself in. I hope that this foundation will help in your brain development; I hope that it will help you gain wonderful jobs and opportunities to travel the globe that I have not had. I hope that you will be able to learn other languages more easily and find your niche in the world.

My promises to you:

new addition, potential, languages from birth,

Precious child, new opportunities

• I intend to make more friends in the minority language so you can play in the minority language
• I intend to attend minority playgroups with you.
• I intend to ensure my childcare for you reflects the minority language and at school time I will send you to a bilingual school or homeschool you myself.
• I will make find you a tutor when or if needed as you grow older (as needed)
• I will find you a penpal
• We will go on holiday to practice your language skills.
• I will read to you from birth in the minority language and sing nursery rhymes too.
• When I find it difficult I will seek help.
Apart from this I will do my best to raise you happy, nourished in love, in God and part of our community. As it takes a whole village to raise a child.

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