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Book review of ‘Be Bilingual- practical ideas for multilingual families’


Hello everyone, I am writing a review on a book that I feel is amazing in its practical applications for monolingual, bilingual or multilingual families who wish their children to learn other languages other than their native tongue or their native tongue. I haven’t been paid to write this review by the way. I just felt that it may be useful and will add it to my list of bilingual texts for you to browse through.

I wrote a review of the book on amazon, to summarise: “this book has practical applications for everyday, it caters for the typical bilingual family I.e a couple of different nationalities but also the single parent or monolingual kind, it gives everyday tips and can help you develop your families language strategy, worth a read as it is not preachy or arduous to get through!” Find the book on amazon and my review.

amazon link to be bilingual

Details for the author: @AnnikaBourgogne

A link for other texts on bilingual or multilingual families

Reading list for bilingual parents

Happy reading

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