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My family journey into Spanish so far..


As every parent knows we sometimes have the best of intentions but they are not always met with total enthusiasm. Wednesdays are spanish days in our house. I try to limit English and the kids go to various Spanish groups or have a tutor. This week I tried to get my eldest to attend a Spanish group but he was reluctant and I decided I have to let him lead his learning.

Tips for reluctant learners:

-Try a magazine subscription
Language magazine subscriptions

Mary Glasgow

– Try a Skype or face to face tutor
bilingual kids rock article on Skype tutors via Spanglish baby

– Try switching languages of their favourite cartoons
– Get them to teach you or the younger sibling
– Stimulate their interest with a book they love in English or ask them to read the bilingual book to you or their sibling
– Bedtime routine and the language- I like Olena’s bilingual massage idea, I learnt to do baby massage and the eldest loved it at bedtime so I am thinking how to encorporate it into our routine with some Spanish rhymes and bedtime sayings.
massage and bilingualism

I also like the idea of making a visual timetable and song chart
nursery rhyme charts

How do you get more language into your kids or varying ages?



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