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European day of Languages

Tomorrow is a day of celebration for speakers all over the world. There are more than 6000 languages spoken and in our house we have decided to fully have a Spanish day once a week, where we ban English and embrace the language dictionary in tow.

It is often said that the younger brain is better adapted at learning new things. In my house  I am testament to that having learned Spanish much later and I am trying to ensure that my children have a head start. Hence qualifying as a language teacher I am also aiding your goals too.

As my pregnancy continues I am determined to achieve my goals and am very happy at the eldest’S zest after spending a large chunk of the Summer abroad. Some of you are lucky and have foreign or expat family but for the large majority who are truly monolingual there is still much you can do.

How will you celebrate? Will you start by learning 1000 words as suggested by the BBC? Will you put post its on objects around the house? Will you hire a tutor or native babysitter, attend our classes, look for new friends?

Our classes are on Mondays 0930 babies and 1030 toddlers @ St Hildas, SE23 and on Thursdays 1415pm @LWS café SE19 confirmed until October half term! (Pregnancy is unpredictable.)

Come along tomorrow and start learning some of your 1000 words in Spanish, tomorrow is European languages day. Thursday LWS café at 2.15pm Call 07989779578 or email for more details.




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