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Learning through music

Music and learning languages

Music is a mood modifier, it has a calming effect and helps focus, it creates emotional links and aids memorisation. Music helps one focus on the rhythm and key sounds of a language.

As adults sometimes we can’t get a tune out of our heads and the same with children. Want to tackle some tricky verbs, put it in a well known song and it will be mastered rapidly. Have you seen conjugation back to Justin Timberlake’s sexy back? Conjugations back

As a mum raising bilingual children and a teacher I love using music in class, at home, don’t you find that music passes the time on a journey or school trip? setting it to another language can be cool for the older child too, e.g beyonce if I were a boy can be found in Spanish and English.

Music can be used as a cue for a routine, e.g answering the register with a song, it can link or condition kids to a particular activity!

An example of a song we will do in class, helping teach body parts and verbs.

my body makes music esp

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