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What am I grateful for…(as a bilingual family?)

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and though we are not American, it is a great idea to delve into the spirit of gratitude and look back over our Bilingual journey.

First of all, I must be thankful for a very patient monolingual husband and father who at times has no idea what I am telling the kids in Spanish, who puts up with me pursuing my Latin heritage and seeking to engage the children in activities to enhance their language acquisition. I am grateful that he sponsors many of their activities (playdates, time, tutoring etc) and expanding library collection.


Easily accessible Spanish and Bilingual books

Second of all, I am grateful for the eldest who has the thirst and is mostly amenable to learning a second language and his attempts to speak it with his younger brother and soon to be baby sibling. I am always looking at different ways to engage him.

Mary Glasgow, Elli

Age appropriate magazines for the eldest

Thirdly and lastly I am grateful to the joy of hearing and seeing the benefits in my children, the range of books we are able to read in Spanish and their zest for living. The opportunities that there are to really run with another language in London depending on your input!

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