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New Years resolutions


Family New Years resolutions with language learning

1. Spanish Home teaching:

Being a teacher I know how hard it is to teach your own child so my eldest has a tutor. How do I intend to encourage home learning?

Restart his Skype calls with his spanish penpal, plan a holiday to Spain, start reading more with him and his brother, looking through the magazines and books we have in Spanish.

2. Bilingual Homeschooling:

I have considered this for a while and my husband supports me to do this with our youngest so I am collecting information about how I would do a bilingual homeschool for the toddler.

3. Spanish Childminder:

My childminder leaves to go to Spain, we will miss her dearly, I’m not sure anyone can fill the void but it may be an opportunity to have a live in au pair who may boost the language learning in our house.

4. Catch up on previous suggestions posted and actually put them into practice..

Saturday school, more bilingual play dates, reading other blogs for ideas..more trips to Spain to visit our friends and family. Spanish music in the car in addition to cd story books..

If we start to put these into practice then our new addition will be learning from birth and have a great head start. I will check back on this post in December and see how we got on as a family.

Suerte everyone with your goals in 2014


3 thoughts on “New Years resolutions

  1. Yay, another bilingual homeschooler! I’d love to talk offline – well online but separately about this with you. Lovely post. I wonder if I could persuade a Spanish au-pair to come to Thailand – LOL My plan is to persuade my mother-in-law, who conveniently doesn’t speak a word of English to come stay with us. Looking forward to your updates!

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