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Multilingualism and travel

I recently attended a conference on Bilingualism in London about the facts that even bilingual parents sometimes do not manage to raise bilingual children themselves. I was kind of quaking at the thought given that I was raised monolingual and thought yikes ‘what hope have I?’ but thankfully the expert gave us strategies and tips. … Continue reading

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Holiday sessions, Amazonian fun at the Horniman

Fun family sessions at the Horniman museum for their Spanish bilingual amazon exhibition ‘Vicious fishes and other riches’ We will be bringing songs, games and crafts to teach families Spanish and learn about Amazon creatures along the way! Suitable for the whole families, see the Horniman website for more details… Friday 12th April 11.00 … Continue reading

being non native speaker / Bilingualism / Family learning / spanish

Why it is important as a non native to try

Twice this week I have come across native parents living in the big smoke who have not transferred their mother tongue to their children. I had thought it was criminal, so many of us are trying our hardest taking lessons, struggling with conjugations through secondary and so forth and wishing we could just install a … Continue reading