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Respond to survey request for new classes and imersive Spanish weekend school

Dear All, After the Christmas germs subsided I am getting organised, looking at locations and planning, I do listen to all your feedback. New locations> I would appreciate your time to address some requests for new classes in new locations and different times. I have been listening! Vote for new class times In order … Continue reading

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Bilingualism and Monolingualim (how a monolingual parent can bilingualise their child)

I love this topic, it is one that is very confusing for some and sometimes myself in fact. I have inserted a picture of my kids because though deep within I wanted my eldest to be bilingual I wasn’t confident to speak to him in Spanish though myself a non native Spanish speaker and didn’t … Continue reading

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What am I grateful for…(as a bilingual family?)

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and though we are not American, it is a great idea to delve into the spirit of gratitude and look back over our Bilingual journey. First of all, I must be thankful for a very patient monolingual husband and father who at times has no idea what I am telling the … Continue reading

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How do I nurture my children’s Spanish?

As a language teacher, I am obsessed about my pupils and my children’s spanish learning. Last summer we spent three weeks in Spain and I can truly see the benefits even now. I’m hoping to repeat this language journey next summer and maybe enrol the eldest into a week long language camp to boost his … Continue reading

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Why should my preschooler learn another language now?

Will he/she not get confused? Across the world it is rare for children to be raised monolingual (i.e. speaking only one language). Between 65-70% of the world’s children are being raised bilingually. Some countries can boast trilingual speakers. In the UK slowly with the Free school network there are a number of Bilingual schools opening … Continue reading